Virtual Paralegal Services and Every Day People

Virtual Paralegal Services and Every Day People

I get calls quite often from every day people who want help with the following:

  • Preparing court papers;
  • Researching cases;
  • Preparing a Motion to Dismiss;
  • Helping the individual answer Interrogatories or Production for Documents;

I do not like to turn business away BUT in the state where I live, which is Missouri and the previous state where I lived Mississippi, a paralegal is prohibited from doing any sort of legal work without the supervision of an attorney!  The American Bar Association which oversees most of the attorneys across the country, besides your local bar association, takes practicing law without a license as a very serious offense.  There have been paralegals and virtual paralegals who have attempted to do this in the past and their businesses have been shut down, along with a hefty fine!

If you have a legal question PLEASE consult an attorney.  They have the experience, the schooling and the know how to see if you even have a case.  Most of the time they will give you a consultation for a reduced price or sometimes even free.  Do not try to skirt around the law because 9 times out of 10 it will come back to bite you in the butt! :-).

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