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Do you conduct webinars? You have prepared a great and captivating Power Point presentation. All of your audience that has registered has shown up. You are confident that your audience will be well informed with your presentation. Did you know that no matter how well thought out your presentation is, that your audience will retain less than 10%?! That’s right, we can only retain 10% of the audio or visual things that we hear and see.  So, all of your great information may just be slipping through the cracks. Don’t let that happen to you! We can turn your webinar into a information product.  Here is how:

  • First, we take the audio of your webinar and transcribe it; then,
  • We take your Power Point slides and but down the column of a new document; after which,
  • We take the corresponding piece of the transcript and align it with your Power Point slides, and voila you now have an informational product that you can distribute to all of your audience.
  • If you prefer, as in our sample below, we can also create a sample workbook or product that only as a few pages of your informative webinar and then put a link back to your salespage, squeeze page or website so that your audience, if they want the transcript in its entirety, will be linked back to your site to purchase it from you.

Click on the link to see how we can turn your webinar into a promotional and informational product by clicking here: Transcription Sample

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